Contemporary Master

Ron Hicks masterfully guides viewers into an emotional realm of balance and expression that imbue unpredictable turns. His paintings draw viewers in close to a world of mystery and possibility- “I want my work to open a dialogue for a story. It’s up to the viewer to interpret it,” Hicks says. His warm sophisticated palette define his figures in a space that swim with the abstract. Beautifully blending hints of impressionism and expressionism with that of the nonobjective. These styles coalesce within his paintings to convey a much more contemporary character. His loose brushwork and textural notes find the most natural place in these deliberate compositions. The present depth and fluidity in these richly layered paintings imbue a sense of romance. As he continues to depict moments of expression, he strives to keep his work “as fresh and new as possible,” he says. “My hope is that whoever views my work will have their own intimate encounter with it.”